Prof. Dr. Jeroen Poblome

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The main research focus of Jeroen Poblome concerns the archaeological site of Sagalassos and its territory in the ancient region of Pisidia (SW Turkey). He became member of the Sagalassos Project in 1991 and served as stand-in director and field director since 1996. Upon the academic retirement of the project's founding director, prof. Marc Waelkens, he was appointed director by the Republic of Turkey in 2014. In collaboration with prof. John Bintliff (Leiden University) Jeroen Poblome is also involved in processing the late Hellenistic, Roman Imperial to Early Byzantine pottery collected by the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project in Central Greece.
Back in Turkey, he collaborates with prof. Marie-Henriette Gates in order to process the late Hellenistic material provided by her archaeological research at Kinet Höyük (ancient Issos, SE Turkey).
Jeroen Poblome directs the ICRATES platform, aimed at creating an Inventory of Crafts and Trade in the Roman East.
He co-founded and co-edits HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture. This international peer-reviewed journal aims at providing a forum for specific themes and concepts related to the study of past material culture, as well as to the presentation of important find assemblages.

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