e-Nieuwsbrief 29 november 2013

Geachte genodigden, oud-minister, kabinetschef van de koning, excellenties, leden van het universiteitsbeheer nu en vroeger, collega's, familie, sponsors, vrienden van mezelf en bijna automatisch ook 'vrienden van Sagalassos'

Op zaterdag 16 november werd mij op initiatief van Prorector A. Oosterlinck en gecoördineerd door één van mijn eerste doctorandi en thans collega, Prof. J. Poblome, een in de annalen van de K.U.Leuven nooit vertoonde emeritaatsviering aangeboden.

Webreport Archaeometry 2013

(Kim Eekelers, Rebecca Scott, Patrick Degryse)

A wide range of mineral resources were exploited at Sagalassos including ores, clays and natural building stones. In particular, the occurrence of ferrous materials (tap slag, bloom iron, furnace bottoms, smithing slags,...) in several excavation layers within the city of Sagalassos has proved the continuous production and processing of iron. Between 1990 and 2013 samples of metallurgical waste were collected from several excavation contexts in the city of Sagalassos; from different locations during city surveys and from the territorial surveys. These are all held in the depots of the excavation house. The focus of the metallurgical study during this campaign was to analyse these materials in situ, using a portable XRF (type Bruker Tracer III SD).

Sagalassos campaign 2013 & "tursaga.com"

Dear visitor,

The Sagalassos campaign 2013 started a week ago. We are building a new website related to the academic research project. Launch date is foreseen to be end of September 2013. Meanwhile, if you are planning to visit Sagalassos or Ağlasun, we kindly ask you to visit our new and stunning sister website specifically oriented towards visitors and tourists: tursaga.com (result part of the BAKA project lead by Ebru Torun).

Daily life pictures and webreports for this excavation season will be published on this website as soon as they come available. We thank you for your patience.

Best regards,
the Sagalassos team

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